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Harmony of Grace

Why did I decide to start this blog? Why call it Harmony of Grace? 
One definition for the word harmony is "living in peace and mutual understanding with others."
I have always been fascinated with music and in my opinion, the musical definition of the word harmony has a more accurate depiction of the word's true meaning.
In musical terms, a harmony is "a note or group of notes that compliment the notes in the melody (main tune of the song)."
There are many different possible harmonies, but if played/sung correctly, they all compliment the melody and emphasize the beauty of the musical arrangement as a whole.
When I had my first encounter with Jesus, the concept of harmony became much more real in my life.

The Joy of Sweet Friendships

I have been truly blessed by the friendships that I have been a part of over the course of my life so far. Incorporated into this post are a few photos of some of the friendships that have meant the most to me through the years. It would be impossible to include everyone that I would like to, but if you are reading this and you have ever considered yourself to be my friend in any way, please know that God has blessed me richly by our friendship.

Friendships are a powerful way that we can experience God's grace in our lives. Through the love, forgiveness and joy that we experience from our friends, we are reminded of the same traits that we experience when we live in relationship with God.

Some friends come and go; others stick around. I have friends who I haven't spoken to in years; others that I still communicate with regularly. Each one has a special place in my heart, good or bad.

Not all friendships are great. I have experienced friendships that have been unhealthy, even …

Happy Endings

All of our favourite stories have happy endings. However, just because a story has a happy ending, does not necessarily ensure that it is a good story.

The greatest storytellers understand that stories need to have lows as well as highs, anti-climax as well as climax, conflict as well as resolution. Try to imagine a story that never had any moments of conflict or struggle. The protagonist is born into a loving, wealthy family, she never fails at anything and she dies rich at an old age having achieved all of her dreams.

First, the entertainment value of this story is not very high. I don't think there would be any major film studios battling for the rights to turn it into a movie. Second, I don't think that the protagonist in this story would appreciate their wealth and success because they had never experienced a life without it.

A happy ending in and of itself does not make a good story unless there were serious moments of conflict that put the possibility of a happy ending…

Where Our Story Really Begins

In his podcast titled "What to do with your ambition?" Rob Bell mentions how often we claim that our story as Christians begins with the fall of man, where Adam and Eve disobey God and separate themselves from God's plan for their lives.

However, while this is an important part of the whole, it is not where our story begins.

The story of the fall of man is found in Genesis 3. The Bible begins with another story in Genesis 1: A story where God creates the Earth and all that is in it and sees it as good. A story where God creates humans and calls them very good. This is where our story begins: as God's sacred creations, not as sinful beings.

Not only does our story begin with God creating humans as inherently good beings, but our story also does not end with death and despair, it concludes with the good news of resurrection and the restoration of all creation.

Richard Rohr, in his latest book The Universal Christ, claims that the true and essential work of all religio…