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The Storm Before the Calm

  I was recently caught in a devastating storm in Howick. I was driving home when all of a sudden, the branches from the trees nearby started falling all over the road. The gale-force winds and hail came so suddenly that I did not know what to do. I decided to pull over and wait it out. I could hear branches hitting the roof of the car and prayed that the more lethal ones would miss me. I was fully at the mercy of the elements. There was nothing I could do to intervene. A few weeks after the storm, I went to Midmar Dam. Everywhere I looked were signs of the storm that had passed through a few weeks earlier. It was clear that people had been hard at work cleaning up the debris, yet nothing could hide the lingering effects of the storm. There were dozens of trunks on their side, branches holding on for dear life and piles of mud and leaves everywhere the eyes could see. Even though it was clear to see the devastation that had torn this area apart a few weeks earlier, now in the peaceful