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The Place of Fear

Image Source:  Lane Smith Human beings are fascinated with fear. This is why horror stories and shows like Fear Factor are so popular. As Christians, we tend to think of being fearful as wrong or even sinful. However, from personal experience, we know that fear is not necessarily a bad thing... Fear of getting burnt prevents a child from touching the stove. Fear of death prevents us from walking too close to a dangerous cliff face. Fear of theft ensures that we lock our doors at night. Fear in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. On the other hand, if we let ourselves be overwhelmed by our fear then we become too anxious to try new things; too scared to leave the house. I recently heard an analogy that helps us understand the rightful place of fear in our lives... If we think of our lives as a car, we need to be very aware of who we let take the wheel (Cue the lame Jesus take the wheel  joke). There is no problem with having fear in the car with us, b

When we are sick

Image Source:  Martin Brosy Welp, it happened... In my last blog post,  an apple a day , I mentioned that I always seem to get sick after travelling home to East London from Pietermaritzburg. My wife, Mel, and I got to go home in December for a nice long Christmas holiday. For 2 weeks. I was as fit as a fiddle. But then it happened... I woke up one day in immense pain with my throat on fire and my sinus's all clogged up. In my previous post, I wrote about strengthening our spiritual immune system to prevent us from becoming spiritually sick. But what about those times when we realize that we are already sick? It is pointless to take multivitamins to prevent ourselves from getting sick because our immune systems have already taken a hit. We now have to try to cure our sickness. Often our first instincts are to treat the symptoms. Immediately after realizing I was sick, I decided to self-medicate, taking shots of Corenza C, Sinutab, pain-killers and the like. But all

Personal Updates and Future Plans

I published my first post of this blog on the 01st of February last year. When I began this blog I was unsure of the direction it would take. I was overwhelmed with the way God was working in my life and I desired to share some of those stories. Combine that realization with a passion for writing and I decided that a personal blog would be the best way to achieve this. The primary purpose of my blog has always been to observe God's grace in all areas of my life and share those stories with whoever wanted to listen. I published 44 blog posts in 2018 on Harmony of Grace  and got 2 articles published in  SUMag, an online magazine aimed at youth pastors, teachers and parents. As the year progressed, I mixed up the focus of my posts regularly, sometimes writing for the more "experienced Christian" and often writing lighter posts for the newer Christians and non-believers. I do not write primarily so that others can read it. Writing brings me great joy and is a pass