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Sacred Responsibility

Image Source:  Jesse Orrico I have written often about experiencing God's grace in the world around us. But one of the greatest elements of the Jesus story is that we are able to partner with God in order to share God's grace with others. There are many ways that we are able to do this - one of the primary being through our responsibilities to others. Responsibility is not a word that generally excites us. It does not necessarily spark feelings of joy. Often, our responsibilities are not thrilling activities. Our lives are filled with menial work: chores, paying bills, lifting children, etc. If we resent these activities, we can easily begin resenting the people that we are doing them for. For example, if we resent changing diapers, we can begin resenting the child whose diaper we are changing; if we get annoyed by listening to our friend's complaining about their problems, we can begin to be annoyed by our friend; if we hate working at our jobs, we can begi