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Image Source:  Aditya Chinchure I can clearly recall a local preachers meeting that I attended a couple of years ago where one of the members commented that one should not use humour in their sermons as it dishonours the word of God and preaching the gospel is a serious affair. I can't remember where he got his justification from, but it was well supported from various sources. This comment has stuck with me through the years and recently got me considering the way that we conduct our worship services. I have been to many church gatherings where the sound and lighting shows have rivaled Coachella and the beautifully-edited, tear-jerking promo videos of the church's current events could very well have been produced by Steven Spielberg himself. Is the entertainment factor a healthy addition to the church worship service or does it do more harm than good?   Is there there a place for it in our churches? How much is too much? Personally, I believe that God can work thr

Take a deep breath

Image Source:  Havilah Galaxy I have a habit of holding my breath whenever I am nervous or stressed. When I realize and take a deep breath, I can physically feel my body relax and my thoughts clear. The last few weeks have been some of the most stressful that I have experienced in a while. I have had assignment submissions, exams to prepare for and car trouble upon car trouble. Walking out of my exam this morning, I felt like I could relax for the first time in a while. I took a couple of deep breaths and could immediately feel my whole body relaxing. It is amazing how breathing has such a calming effect on our bodies during stressful times. Professional sportsmen learn proper breathing techniques in order to perform under pressure and pregnant women are encouraged to breathe during labour. NOOMA - Breathe (YouTube Link) I love the way that Rob Bell addresses it in his NOOMA video titled Breathe . He explains that the Hebrew name for God is essentially 4 words that make up th