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During chapel this morning, the seminarians were given an opportunity to theologically reflect on our Easter placements, particularly the time that we got to spend with our families.

One of my fellow seminarians, Claire Banks, shared a story of how she and her husband finalized an adoption of a child this past week and how this experience reminded her of the relationship that Christ shares with us.

Listening to her speak about this experience, I was reminded of God's Grace for us as we are adopted as God's own children.

"In love, God predestined us for adoption as His sons and daughters through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of His will."
- Ephesians 1:5 (NIV)

Adoption is such a powerful example of the love and grace that God has for each and every one of us.

In South Africa, when a child is adopted, they are given a new birth certificate with the surname of their new parents. When we are adopted into Christ's family, we are also given a new identity and are born again into a new family.

The child that Claire and her husband have adopted is 12 years old. Because of his age, he was required to undergo the necessary counselling and teaching that has enabled him to accept the decision to be adopted into a new family.

Christ offers us the gift of adoption, but in order for us to complete the adoption process, we need to accept Christ's offer to become a part of God's family.

Listening to Claire's story this morning, I was richly reminded about my own adoption into God's family. It is encouraging to be reminded that Christ has adopted me as His own and loves me unconditionally and will never let me down.

Finally, it would be amiss of me to not say that God's offer of adoption into a new family is not only for a select few, but is offered to each and every person who is willing to accept it.


  1. I am also adopted into His family. That means we're brothers :) stoked!!!


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