Baking a Cake

Image Source: Jennifer Pallian
I am not very good at baking cakes, but I am quite skilled at eating them.

While most cakes are extremely delicious, not all of the individual ingredients that go into baking a cake are all that tasty by themselves. If I walk into the kitchen and my wife is in the early stages of making a chocolate cake, I would happily stick my fingers into the pot of melted chocolate, but you wouldn't see me going near the flour or raw eggs in any kind of rush.

But something amazing happens when all of the not-so-tasty ingredients are put together in just the right order and quantity. After mixing all of the ingredients together and exposing them to extreme heat, they fulfil their purpose and form a wonderful new creation.

Our lives are also made up of a large number of ingredients, not all of them tasty, that come together to make us who we are.

Not all of life's experiences are enjoyable. Often we encounter difficulties or struggles. As we experience them, the taste is often disgusting. But God is baking our cake and he knows what the end product is going to be.

Sometimes if we endure through all of life's experiences, particularly the ones we don't enjoy, one day when we are exposed to extreme heat or high-pressure situations, we reveal our true colours and realize the importance of everything that has been thrown our way.

If you believe that the ingredients that you have been handed are cruel and unfair, don't despair. If you feel like you are being tossed around like eggs and flour in a mixing bowl, don't lose hope. Just as a master baker has a plan for the cake they are making, God has a plan for your life and God is indeed a master baker who knows how to produce the best cake out of all types of ingredients.

"And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast."
- 1 Peter 5:10


  1. Lovely post Joe - Keeping writing for the Lord my friend. Blessings

    1. Thanks Delme... Your regular posts inspire me!

  2. Joe, really like this. Encouraging. Some of my own life has "yucky" ingredients... but thankfully it all adds to a beautiful tasting cake. And thankfully you and I are not cakes! (haha! bad dad joke there)


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