Holy Ground

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In the book of Exodus, we read a story of Moses tending his sheep. Moses suddenly notices a burning bush and God's voice speaks to him through the bush. God instructs Moses to take off his shoes because he is now standing on holy ground.

Holy ground is considered to be anywhere that God is. In Old Testament times, this was thought to be specific places. As Christians, our understanding of where God is has changed. God is living in our hearts. Furthermore, God is all around us.

Early Rabbis tell this story of the burning bush and pose the question: "Did the tree suddenly burst into flame when Moses walked past or was the tree burning the entire time? Perhaps this was merely the first time that Moses had become aware of it?

God's presence was always there. Moses had probably walked past that spot many times. But it was only when Moses became aware of God's presence there and was ready to respond to it that it became "holy ground."

This is profound. We are constantly standing on holy ground in the presence of our God. Are we are of it?

Our holy ground
Even though the apostles and early Christians understood that God was always with them, there were particular geographical locations that seemed to be extra special. Places where God's presence was more tangible.

Personally, I love running and I love nature. When I am sitting on the beach or running trails through a forest, I instantly become more aware of the presence of God there with me. Those are my places of holy ground.

Do you have any of these places in your life? Where are the places that you go to metaphorically take off your shoes and awe-fully spend time in the tangible presence of your Creator God?

Where is your holy ground?

"Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy."
- Joshua 5:15


  1. I like this. And like you. Being outside in nature is my holy ground. I thought of, when reading this post, of how, when we are in church, it takes people three or four songs to realise they're in God's presence.... standing on holy ground... because we come so distracted...


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