Could God use Windows 10?

Image Source: Microsoft, Inc (Shared by Jennifer Lieberum)

First, a disclaimer... This is not a post about whether God would use Microsoft, Android or Apple products. For this kind of quality analysis, you will need to find an evangelical thought leader more wise and risqué than myself. Instead, this is a reflection on the mediums that God can use to reveal God's grace to us.

Last week I encountered a Facebook post from one of my friends, Jennifer Lieberum. She had shared an image that was familiar to me - one of the generic windows 10 login screen backgrounds (shown above).

She shared the image alongside a post reminding us that Jesus' Church is meant to be a lighthouse so that lost people can find Christ and the Church can teach them what it means to follow Jesus.

While I have seen this image pop up on my PC screen many times (usually after I have been waiting impatiently for Windows to boot up), I have never considered this particular connection.

This was a stark reminder to me that we can be reminded of God's grace even in the most routine things.

We are bombarded by a variety of images every day, some of them truly beautiful. We have the option to let them slide by without really taking note or we can choose to reflect on God's grace manifest in them.

For years I have used rolling photos of my favourite memories as a screensaver on my PC. Whenever I sit and observe the images, I am reminded of the many amazing places and wonderful people that I have had the privilege of meeting.

Jenn's Facebook post has reminded me to be grateful for each and every one of those photos. Each of those memories is extra special because God's grace is visibly present in each of them.

What images are you currently faced with that are reminding you of God's grace?

“The Mighty One, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.”
- Psalm 50:1-2 (ESV)


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