The downfall of a star-gazing faith

A night sky full of stars is a beautiful sight to behold.

These days, because of the light from cities, many people do not often get an opportunity to experience this beauty (although thanks to Eskom we might have more chances than we would like!)

In order to truly experience the majesty of the night sky, you need to find the perfect spot and you need to be willing to gaze patiently for a good amount of time. You need to let your eyes adjust fully to what you are looking at. The true beauty of star-gazing comes to the forefront when you sit patiently in complete darkness, identifying the many constellations and spotting shooting stars and passing satellites. 

Many Christians experience their faith in a similar way to star-gazing. They separate their spiritual and secular life. They will go to church on a Sunday, read their bibles and pray - all of which are seen as spiritual things, but then they will "readjust" their vision when they are at work, or school, or doing any other leisurely activity.

While none of these spiritual practices are bad things in and of themselves, the danger of a "star-gazing" faith is that you are at risk of only acknowledging certain parts of your life as spiritual. The problem with seeing the world in this way is that you are either focused on Christ or on the world, you cannot do both. You have to give your eyes time to adjust to whatever situation you find yourself in.
"All of life is spiritual. You don't have a spiritual life; You are a spiritual life."
- Rob Bell
Jesus came to show us a different way. Jesus showed us that ALL things are spiritual. When we understand this, we are able to see Christ IN the world, not merely Christ or the world. 

Instead of having to section off parts of our lives in order to experience God's beauty, we should be able to see God's beauty in every part of our lives; in every part of the world; in every person. 
"For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit."
- Romans 8:5


Image Source: Jeremy Bishop


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