Thursdays in Black

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At Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary, we are encouraged to support the Thursdays in Black campaign. Every Thursday, most of the seminarians and staff wear black in silent protest against the culture of rape and violence (primarily against women) which is prevalent in our world today.

The movement began in Argentina in the 1970's when women would gather together and wear black armbands in honour of their daughters and sisters who were disappearing in numbers.

The campaign has recently renewed its vigour with the aim of "standing in solidarity with women who have died at the hands of their partners while signifying a desire to make a difference in the world."

My concern with movements such as this is that they can quickly become a habit and the significance of such a protest is lost when it merely becomes a meaningless routine. We get comfortable in the routine of it where in reality, it should be making us uncomfortable.

One of my seminarian friends recently made the comment that he refuses to wear black on Thursdays because he sees how many of those who do wear black still disrespect their female colleagues in their words and actions on a daily basis.

This got me thinking... Are we really able to say that we support a cause if supporting it does not change us in any way at all?

I believe that the Thursdays in Black campaign is good. It is a way to raise awareness and show a united front against the dominant culture of rape and violence against women in our society. However, we need to be careful when we begin to do things just for the sake of doing them. The meaning and purpose behind powerful campaigns such as this one can get lost when they merely become another routine in our lives.

Every time I put on my black shirt on a Thursday morning, I need to actively and intentionally remind myself what I am claiming to stand against and ask myself whether I am doing everything I can to support this cause, not only with what I wear, but in my thoughts, words and actions every single day of my life.

Click here to find out more about the Thursdays in Black Campaign.


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