Lent 11 - Righteousness by faith

Romans 4:13-25

Today we carry on with our reflections on Abrahams story. 

Many believe that Abraham was called and sent by God because he was such a good person. The apostle Paul reminds us, in his letter to the Roman church, that Abraham was seen as righteous because of his faith, not because of his actions.

Paul goes on to remind us that Abraham's faith was not only accredited as righteousness to him personally, but to his descendants as well. Isn't it incredible how one person's faith can have such a tangible, lasting impact on generations of people to follow?

Abraham's faith is praised because he "gave glory to God, even in the midst of doubt and unbelief" (verse 20). We are going to struggle with doubts and unbelief in our life, but to have faith like Abraham means continuing to trust in God and "being fully persuaded that God has the power to do what God has promised" (verse 22).

If we have faith in God in this way, then even when we fail to live good, holy lives, we can trust that God will accredit our faith to us as righteousness.

How seriously or lightly do we take our faith? Is it not possible for our faith to have a similar impact on future generations as well, just as Abraham's faith had on his descendants?

Prayer: God of Abraham, thank You that You do not condemn us when we do not live up to Your holy standards. Help us to have the faith of Abraham. We trust in Your goodness and Your promises. May we give You the glory for all of our accomplishments on this earth. Amen.

Image Source: Zac Durant


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