Lent 14 - Jesus gets angry

John 2:13-17

This passage reminds us of Jesus' human nature. Jesus experienced the full spectrum of human emotions as we do today. He wept, he was tempted, and he got angry.

Many people have used this passage of scripture to justify getting angry for whatever reason. When they swear at other drivers on the road or lose their temper with their spouse and children, they will claim, "but Jesus got angry too."

It is important for us to take note of what Jesus got angry at. In this instance, Jesus got angry because people were desecrating the temple of God. 

If we consider what we looked at yesterday, about how our bodies are temples of God, then perhaps we too should get angry when people's bodies are used and abused for selfish, unjust purposes.

I would argue that our temples of God include our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Therefore, if someone is physically, emotionally or spiritually abused, we should share Jesus' righteous anger at their unjust situation and fight to bring wholeness to their situation.

Prayer: God of justice, You desire peace and wholeness for all of Your creation. I am sorry for using Your humanity as justification for my emotional shortcomings. Help me to share Your righteous anger against the many injustices present in our world. May righteous anger move me to action and service to all. Amen.

Image Source: Fred Moon


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