Lent 27 - Death to life

John 12:23-26

The Bible is full of phrases that seem to contradict themselves. We are told that we see unseen things; we conquer by yielding; we reign by serving; we are exalted by being humble; we become wise by being fools for Christ's sake.

Another stark contradiction is found in our Scripture reading for today: We live by dying. The kernel of wheat needs to die in order to produce many new seeds. 

There are certain things in our lives that need to die in order for us to experience abundant life in Christ. 

I could give you a list of things that could be causing you to pull away from Christ, but we all know what the things are in our lives that are preventing us from drawing near to God. It could be hatred, unforgiveness, busyness, fear, the list is endless. 

We each have our own personal struggles. Until we are serious about letting these parts of our lives die, we will always struggle to experience new seeds of love, joy, peace, etc.

Prayer: Lord God, I acknowledge that there are things in my life that are keeping me from drawing near to You. Help me to put these things to death so that they can blossom into new seeds and I can experience new abundant life in relationship with You. Amen.

Image Source: Markus Spiske


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