Lent 21 - Jesus, the bronze snake

John 3:14-15

In a discussion with the religious leader Nicodemus, Jesus refers to the story that we read yesterday. He tells Nicodemus that "just as Moses lifted up the bronze snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up."

Sometimes, I think that Christians try so hard to be the mediator between people and God. We seem to believe that if we don't tell people what to believe, how to behave and what to say, then we are doing a disservice to God. With this mindset, we end up using fancy tactics to try and sell God to people.

Jesus reminds us that He is the one who needs to be lifted up. He is the only mediator between people and God. Instead of trying to shove our ideas of God down peoples throats, perhaps all we need to do is introduce them to Jesus and let Him do the rest. 

People do not experience eternal life by coming to our church, singing our songs or becoming experts on our bibles. All of these things might assist them if used correctly, but the only way that people can truly experience eternal life is by getting to know Jesus and having a relationship with him. 

So just as Moses lifted up the bronze snake in the wilderness, let us lift up Jesus to the world, so that whoever believes may have eternal life in him.

Prayer: Holy God, I am sorry for those times where I have presumed to know the only way or the best way to point people to You. Help me to remember that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. Rather than forcing my opinions and beliefs onto others, help me to introduce others to Jesus and let Him do the rest. Amen.

Image Source: Life-Giving Water


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