Lent 28 - Jesus predicts his death

John 12:27-33

At various points in Jesus' ministry, he spoke about his coming death. The disciples often did not know what Jesus was talking about when Jesus predicted his literal death. 

As we draw nearer to Easter, we prepare to mourn Jesus' death and begin to reflect on the implications of the cross on our lives today.

I wonder what our response would have been if we were with Jesus and he predicted that he would be persecuted and killed for what he stood for? Would we too have denied Jesus' words or would we have had the courage to fall in line with Jesus and be persecuted with him for what he stood for and believed in?

Would we perhaps have doubted the resurrection like Thomas; denied knowing him like Peter; or even betrayed him like Judas? 

I am sure we would all claim that we would have stuck by Jesus until the end, but if we are honest with ourselves, we might not like what we discover. 

As we prepare to reflect on Jesus' final days, let us consider if we are living as Christ would want his followers to live today or are we still living lives of doubt, denial and betrayal?

Prayer: Crucified Jesus, I have often turned away from You and hidden in the shadows. Thank You that You have never stopped pursuing me. Help me to understand what Your life, death and resurrection means for us today. May I always be able to boldly declare my love for You, all the days of my life. Amen. 

Image Source: dreamstime


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