Lent 18 - Rejoicing in God's Laws

Psalm 19:7-13

Imagine rejoicing in a list of rules? Imagine if you had arrived at school and declared: "The rules of this school are more precious than gold; it is a joy and a pleasure to obey them all." I don't think you would have made many friends that way!

I do not know of many children who like following rules. But as we grow older, we begin to understand that certain rules are there for a reason - they are there for our own benefit. 

As we have reflected on the ten commandments over the past few days, we have been reminded that God's laws were implemented for the good of God's people. We have also learnt that obedience to these commandments will naturally flow out of a life lived in love for God and our neighbour. 

When we understand this, it makes it a bit easier to comprehend why God's people would rejoice in God's laws. 

As Christians, we are now living under a new law - that of the grace of Jesus Christ. This new covenant has been written on our hearts and minds. Therefore, as we go about our lives, spreading the love of Christ to those we encounter, we too can rejoice in the Law of Christ that resides within us.

Prayer: Ever-present Spirit, You have written the Law of God on our hearts and in our minds. Thank You that we have permanent access to God's good and gracious Word in our lives. Guide us as we discern how to love God and love people in our thoughts, actions and words. Amen.

Image Source: Mic Narra


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