Lent 37 - The way of the servant

Isaiah 50:4-9

The prophet Isaiah describes the way of God's servant in this passage. He says that every morning, a servant of God should wake up with the intention of learning and listening to the Spirit of God in the world. 

I love this piece of advice. 

How often do we wake up with the intention of "showing the world who's boss?" We presume that we have something to offer the world and they better listen to what we have to say. 

There might be some truth in this; we probably do have something to offer the world. But the way of the servant of God always has the goal to learn more; to grow in their understanding; to seek God's movement in the world.

Even Jesus encouraged his disciples to be more curious; to ask more questions. Jesus rarely answered people's questions outright; he almost always asked another question. 

I am always very wary of people who claim to know the absolute truth about anything. The only real absolute truth is Jesus. So instead of waking up with the intention of forcing our views and beliefs onto those around us, let us rather wake up with the intention of seeking Jesus in every place and revealing Jesus to every person through the way we conduct ourselves.

The way of the servant is to learn from and to listen to the Spirit of God in the world. How can you enter into this reality today?

Prayer: Christ Jesus, You are present in every person and every place that we encounter. Help me to seek Your goodness in the world. May I become Your loving and gracious presence to every person that I meet. Help me to ask more questions and to grow in my faith. May I never lose awe and wonder. Amen

Image Source: Joshua Earle


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